As a personal trainer I love interval drills but I love partner or team interval drills even better! Why? Read on to find out more…

1. More motivation.

Don’t feel like training after work? What about braving the early hours of the morning?!

We may not be able to keep a promise to ourselves but if we promise a friend that we are going to workout with them it’s much harder to cancel. Nobody wants to let down their friend do they?

Turning up to training, even if initially it is purely not to let a friend down will, in-time form a really good habit of working out on a regular basis and that’s got to be good, right!?

2. Everything is more fun with friends!

Training isn’t always going to be fun. Believe me I know that. To get results – most of the time we have to step outside of our comfort zones. Studies have proven time and time again that working out with friends simply makes it more enjoyable and the harder the workout is and the more support we can get, the better it’s going to be!

3. You’ll push yourself harder.

When you see your friend or someone in your training group performing that little bit better than you, naturally you will want to keep up, whether that be at a conscious or subconscious level. Sure beats having a trainer yell at you to keep up! If you have to partner up for a workout, always aim to train with someone whose abilities are equal or better than yours. Odds are, you will push yourself harder to keep up (even if it is only to keep up appearances - pun intended). There will always be a point where you feel like quitting but not wanting to let your buddy down (so to speak) will keep you going just that little bit longer and in the long term provide you with better results.

4. It’s cheaper!

Group outdoor personal training like we provide at SIN Fitness is simply far more cost effective than paying a personal trainer for 1-on-1 sessions. As mentioned above – I can almost guarantee better results too, simply for the fact that the group is going to provide you motivation far better than I ever can by yelling at you.

Happy training.