Performing a Plank is a simple but effective bodyweight exercise that develops strength primarily in the core—the muscles that connect the upper and lower body—as well as the shoulders, arms, and glutes.

Quite often though as a trainer I see some very common mistakes. Check out the images below;

Image 1 – Hands or elbows too far in front. Potential broken nose when you can no longer stop slipping.

Image 2 – Extending through the scapulas, sometimes known as the Harbour Bridge.

Image 3 – The ‘piked hip’ approach – “Get your bum down!”

Image 4 – The ‘saggy baggy’ approach.

It should look a lot more like this;

Squeeze so tight that you are almost shaking, not quite having a fit, but close.

Image 5 – Spot on!

You should be mimicking your same position in the plank as if you were standing straight up. This should not be a comfortable position for you. If you feel that you can maintain this position and are thinking that this is the perfect time to read that article “Five things that All Sexy People Do”  in the latest edition of your Cosmo magazine, you might just need to squeeze a little bit tighter. No, TIGHTER!