Going into a race with a small checklist in mind is a sure fire way to guarantee not only success but a more enjoyable and rewarding run. Every time you “tick” something off in your mind you’ll feel a little piece of success …By the end of the race it will seem as if you have already finished ten times over!

  1. A race isn’t supposed to feel comfortable so every time you think to yourself “I feel pretty good” that usually means you could go faster. Your race pace should feel challenging. Remember to stay tall and fall.
  2. Walk through the drink stations but keep it quick. Don’t forget if it’s hot to pour some water on your head and clothing to keep you cool. Take a mental note of someone leaving the drink station as you arrive … when you leave, over the the space of say the next 1km, see if you can catch them back up. This will help keep you on pace.
  3. Stay tall going up the hills. Don’t lean into the hill and keep looking forward.
  4. Don’t sit behind someone else and copy their pace. Run your own race. Try to keep your focus into the distance and not on anyone else in particular. 
  5. Breathe. Stay in control of your breathing aiming to keep in time with the beat of your feet. 2-4 steps in, 2-4 steps out on the flat. 2 steps in, 2 steps out on the hills, 3-4 steps in, 3-4 steps out on the downhill.
  6. HAVE FUN!