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Strength in Numbers represents community; the community that exists within in our exercise groups but also the inspirational effect our groups cause in the greater community - the flow on effect. When you see a bunch of like-minded individuals from all walks of life and varying fitness levels come together to support each other in a fun and enthusiastic way, the positive energy that this produces is simply breathtaking and can also be quite contagious. VIEW TIMETABLEVIEW PRICING

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What types of sessions do we offer?


Bodyweight cardio training is by far our favourite way to train at SIN Fitness. Based on HIIT, our very own HIBT involves short bursts of intense exercise alternated with low-intensity recovery periods. This is by far the most time-efficient way to exercise. The benefits – increased calorie burn (we love that!) and an increase to your metabolic rate for hours after exercise (we definitely love that – it’s like the exercise gift that keeps on giving!!).


At SIN Fitness we recognise the importance of moving away from the traditional circuit style training, based on stations and a clock. Instead, the timing of our circuits is controlled either by the people doing the workout or by the workout design in itself. The benefits – everyone gets to work at their own pace, strength, skill and fitness level. The circuits are more fun and engaging and it encourages team work (and we love teamwork!).


It’s no coincidence that Boxing for Fitness abbreviates to BFF or Best Friends Forever because working out with your BFF is what this session is all about! Oh yeah, did we mention that’s it’s SUPER FUN! The benefits – not only does boxing with correct technique work every muscle in your body, it also improves cardiovascular, muscle endurance & strength, stamina, power and agility (how could we not love all of that!?).


We couldn’t recommend this program any higher! Improving your running skills and agility is not just for runners, the effects flow-on into all other aspects of your fitness training and day-to-day life. Agility drills help improve the communication between the mind and body – helping you become a more efficient athlete (gotta love that – forget ‘no pain, no gain’, think ‘light on my feet’). The benefits - strengthen the muscles & joints. Improve coordination, agility & balance, cardio and endurance (yes please!).


Yoga holds tremendous power to heal the body and mind but it’s not for everybody, right? At least that’s how it used to be. At SIN Fitness we have taken the fundamentals from yoga and blended them with more traditional sports style dynamic and static movements (we love that!). Think yoga meets fitness. The benefits – injury prevention, enhanced performance, improved recovery and better flexibility.

Membership Pricing

** A one (1) month minimum applies to all membership contracts, including Weekly and Fortnightly memberships, after which same can be cancelled upon 7 days notice in advance of the next period.

Casual Membership Options

** Casual fees (single, 5 pack and 10 pack) are paid in advance by direct debit from a bank account or credit card.

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