Don’t think in terms of Goals. This may come as a shocking statement, especially since this blog is written by a Personal Trainer, but the BIG problem with “goals” is that we can all associate with a time when we have failed at reaching one or in most cases, many!

Your “goal” may have been something simple like - getting up in the morning without hitting the dreaded “SNOOZE” button. How many times could you say you’ve failed at reaching that “goal”? Or getting up early in the morning to go for a run, but when you put one toe out of bed it was too cold and you decided that you needed another rest day!

If instead we think in terms of Results or Outcomes - there will ALWAYS be a result or outcome. It may be less than desired, however, there won’t be an association with failure!

If my “goal” was to lose 10kg’s yet I only lost 8kg’s I would feel disappointed, almost defeated. If, however, my desired Outcome or Result was to lose 10kg’s and I lost 8kg’s wouldn’t that still be an amazing result?! Of course it would! A few tweaks to my diet and some changes to my exercise regime and I would be right on track for even more amazing results.

The fact is; I have still achieved something!!