• On day one, everyone will start at the same level. Follow the instructions on “How to perform Safely and Correctly”.
  • Hold the plank for as long as you can maintain good form or until the required time for that day. Do not exceed.
  • Each day thereafter, you simply hold the plank for as long as possible OR as long as the challenge states. Hold times will gradually increase throughout the challenge.
  • If, on any given day you are not able to hold the plank for the required time, then simply keep repeating the same time until you can. Then proceed to the next day in the sequence.
  • Make sure you comment so that we can all encourage and congratulate you when you reach your final benchmark time at the end of the 30 day challenge.
  • Head on over to our Facebook page now, make sure you hit the like button and you will receive a post every day detailing how long to hold the plank for.

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