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Tips and articles to stimulate your mind and body.

Training. Why it needs to be varied.

Do you vary your training routine? Days/times etc. Or do you stick to the same routine, day in and day out. Do you stay inside your comfort zone or do you constantly push new boundaries for yourself? When we train to the point of fatigue whether that be on a long run...

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Don’t Set Goals!

Don’t think in terms of Goals. This may come as a shocking statement, especially since this blog is written by a Personal Trainer, but the BIG problem with “goals” is that we can all associate with a time when we have failed at reaching one or in most cases, many!...

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10 Ways to Speed Recovery

Whether you are a complete novice when it comes to exercise or a seasoned veteran, rest days or recovery play a very important role in your overall success and help to reduce the onset of injury. SLEEEEEEP! A lot of studies suggest something as simple as not getting...

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